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    More and more, people realise that the human brain (containing neurons for information processing) controls human behaviour. It is the human brain that processes visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile input. It is the human brain that controls listening, talking and deciding. Whenever people communicate with each other or whenever people use any kind of machine, it’s their brain processing and controlling everything. Obviously, knowledge about how the brain works and how it processes information is a big deal for almost every branch. No wonder that we today encounter words such as Neuromarketing, Neuroeconomics, Neuroesthetics, Neurophilosophy, and many more. Thereby “Neuro” can be understood a synonym for “brain”.


   Introducing a new field is always a big challenge! Anyway, Neuroconsulting will become a very important thing in the future! The first company offering Neuroconsulting is called Neuroconsult. This company is based in Vienna (Austria), a town which has a well known history related to research on and knowledge about unconscious and subconscious information processing in the human brain. Neuroconsult has a strong background in Cognitive Neuroscience which will be highly appreciated. Take your time to get more information: www.neuroconsult.at